The All Good LED 2” Linkable Work Light is fully featured with a aluminum black body and stainless steel mounting bracket, giving function and style in one package. This LED Light is easily assembled and quickly mounts on crash bars, forks, handle bars or anywhere you need extra light to get the job done. Take this light anywhere without worry of rain, snow, dirt or anything else mother nature can conjurer up. Waterproof, shock and vibration resistant, this state of the art LED Light will stand against the test of weather, time, and tough terrain. All Good LED 2″ Linkable Work Light opens up the night road for a safer ride for the driver and other road users. With a low power usage of less than 1 amp per light, any driver can leave the lights on for long durations without the worries of battery drainage. The All Good LED High Spot Beam casts 150 feet of added depth and 85 feet of added width with a 10X brighter coverage compared to the stock original incandescent high beam. These All Good Led turn the night into day and are a fine addition to any adventurist. Get the job done right with All Good LED.

Model # Size Watt Beam Type Count Voltage Color Lumens
WL-2″10W101BSS 2″ 10 Spot CREE 1pc DC10-30V 6000K 750
WL-2″10W101BSF 2″ 10 Flood CREE 1pc DC10-30V 6000K 750


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