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All Good LED introduces the Rogue Series LED Light Bars. Offering the brightest solution for every lighting need, these light bars will impress and shine. The heavy duty Rogue Series LED Light Bars are designed for the roughest terrains and intense conditions. Complete with a die cast aluminum housing, waterproof rating of IP67, and adjustable mounting system, the Rogue Light Bar is easy to install and ideal for harsh environments and tough tasks. Packed with 10 watt American made CREE™ LED Diodes, this light bar is extremely bright. The Polycarbonate lens is protected by a tough aluminum plate to help protect against rocks and tree branches. Each light comes with all necessary hardware, mounting brackets, and color-coded pigtail for the ease of wiring. All Good’s Rogue Series LED Light Bar is ideal for any off-road adventure or task that requires total illumination. Designed for bar or roof-top mounting, the Rogue Series is the perfect lighting accessory for any truck, boat, tractor, trailer or off-road toy and can be used for work, play, rescue, or response. Durable against time, weather, water, temperature, and vibration, All Good’s Rogue Series will help you get there and get the job done.

Model # Size Watt Beam Type Count Voltage Color Lumens
RO-20W101S 5″ 20 Spot CREE 2pc DC10-30V 6000K 1,700
RO-40W101S 8.5″ 40 Spot CREE 4pc DC10-30V 6000K 3,400
RO-80W101S 15.5″ 60 Spot CREE 8pc DC10-30V 6000K 6,800
RO-120W101S 22.5″ 100 Spot CREE 12pc DC10-30V 6000K 10,200
RO-160W101S 29.5″ 120 Spot CREE 16pc DC10-30V 6000K 13,600
RO-200W101S 37″ 180 Spot CREE 20pc DC10-30V 6000K 17,000
RO-240W101S 43.5″ 240 Spot CREE 24pc DC10-30V 6000K 20,400
RO-260W101S 47.5″ 260 Spot CREE 26pc DC10-30V 6000K 22,100


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