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The All Good Low Profile LED Series Single Row Light Bars are THE BEST 10 watt CREE™ LED light bar on the market! This massive light producer shines an enormous amount of light in a low-profile design that can mount in the smallest of spaces. Compacted in a indestructible single row housing and lens harnessed by All Good’s hybrid optic system, our lights can take on any adventure you can dream of. Our LED Light Bar has powerful CREE™ LED’s that produce a powerful beam for any off-road adventure without draining your battery by only drawing on a small amount of amps. Strong, durable, and weatherproof, the All Good LED Light Bars are carefully constructed to handle the toughest off-road applications. The LED boards are extremely resistant to impacts, vibration, and other intense conditions. Our LEDs are protected behind All Good’s thick polycarbonate lens technology. The light is encased in cast aluminum housing with a black powder coat finish and is rated up to IP67 waterproof and weatherproof. The light bar can operate in a temperature range of -40° to 145° Fahrenheit, making it suitable for any climate or application. The light bar comes with a plug-and-play connector, making it easy to get your off-road journey started without the hassle of a complected installation. The sheer brightness, intensity, and range of All Good’s Low Profile LED Light Bar is ideal for high-performance off-road applications, especially night time adventures where plenty of advanced warning is required to avoid hidden obstacles or for any outdoor application where you need to light up the night.

Model # Size Watt Beam Type Count Voltage Color Lumens
LP20W101S 4.5″ 20 Spot CREE 2pc DC10-30V 6000K 1,350
LP40W101S 8″ 40 Spot CREE 4pc DC10-30V 6000K 2,700
LP60W101S 11″ 60 Spot CREE 6pc DC10-30V 6000K 4,050
LP100W101S 17″ 100 Spot CREE 10pc DC10-30V 6000K 6,750
LP120W101S 20.5″ 120 Spot CREE 12pc DC10-30V 6000K 8,100
LP180W101S 30″ 180 Spot CREE 18pc DC10-30V 6000K 12,150
LP240W101S 42″ 240 Spot CREE 24pc DC10-30V 6000K 16,000
LP260W101S 48.5″ 260 Spot CREE 26pc DC10-30V 6000K 17,500


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