Save power with the new Quake 4.5 Inch 18 Watt Square LED work lamps. Not only is the 30° or 60º beam a brighter white light than an ordinary filament bulb, but more importantly it draws only 1.4 amps at 12 Volts of power compared to the 4.5 amps that a standard 55 Watt halogen bulb draws. With new LED technology shinning a bright 1350 lumens, vehicle owners can run their vehicle lights harder and longer without the risk of a battery failure. Made with sturdy cast aluminum housing with steel brackets, thin profile and waterproofed to IP67, these work lamps are well suited for all work and adventure vehicles. Easily connected with Quake’s plug and play technology, you will be up and running in no time. With it’s low profile, the Quake 4.5 Inch 18 Watt Square LED work lamp can mount just about anywhere, giving you the tools to get the job done and light up the night.

Model # Size Watt Beam Type Count Voltage Color Lumens
WL-4.5″18W101S 4.5″ 18 Spot Epistar 6pc DC10-30V 6000K 1,350LM
WL-4.5″18W101F 4.5″ 18 Flood Epistar 6pc DC10-30V 6000K 1,350LM


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